DURA-RAMP Poultry Nest Ramp


Dura-Ramp is made out of high-impact virgin polypropylene material providing superior impact and wear resistance. The hinge area is reinforced to prevent cracking or breaking.


Our non-porous smooth surface unlike wood ramps accumulates no debris or liter resulting in cleaner ramps and nest pads.

Rot-Proof / Non Porous

Our solid plastic construction is rot / corrosion proof, resists microorganisms build up and sheds waste easily.


Dura-Ramp will not splinter therefore reduces footpad problems experienced with wood ramps. It will easily out last wood ramps.


Dura-Ramp cost less than wood ramps. We manufacture in Dallas, TX and have over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing plastic products for the agricultural industry. We manufacture the best quality products at the best price.


Size: 10″ x 29″ (25.4cm x 73.66cm)
Weight: 1.21 LBS (.55kg)

Manufacturer recommends storing product away from exposure to the sun, as its U.V. rays and other general weather conditions will diminish the life the product. Exposure to outside weather elements voids all warranties.

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