DURAPLAS Egg Transport System

    Fewer broken eggs means more profit. The DURAPLAS Egg Transport System allows you to move eggs safely and efficiently, providing maximum egg protection while reducing the number of hairline cracks. Made from high-impact plastic, the DURAPLAS Egg Transport System provides superior impact and wear resistance. DURAPLAS’ smooth non-porous surface is easy to clean and fast drying, minimizing risk of contamination.

    The three-part interlocking system can be customized to meet your needs, securely carrying up to 12,960 eggs per pallet. Each system is constructed of a Pallet Base, up to five Dividers and nesting stacks of 30-Cell Egg Trays.

    BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection

    DURA-PLAS Egg Trays feature BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection. Laboratory tests of Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph and Pneumonia cultures demonstrated a clear difference between untreated samples and those treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection, which inhibited the growth of bacteria.


    •  Constructed from Virgin Impact & Wear Resistant Plastics
    • Reinforced Stress Points
    • Light Weight / Rigid Designs


    • Less Contamination
    • Reduced Cleaning Time
    • Non-Porous / Moisture Resistant Surfaces
    • DURAPLAS Egg Trays Treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Additive
    • Fewer Broken Eggs
    • Maximum Egg Protection
    • Reduces Hairline Cracks
    • Easy to Stack & Store
    • Universal Compatibility
    • Cost Effective
    Manufacturer recommends storing product away from exposure to the sun, as its U.V. rays and other general weather conditions will diminish the life of the product. Exposure to outside weather elements voids all warranties.

    DURAPLAS Egg Transport Pallet

    DURAPLAS Egg Transport Pallet

    The DURAPLAS Egg Transport Pallet features replaceable feet. These pallets have an open top for easy cleaning and drainage. The pallet also has 4 way access for forklifts and pallet jacks.

    Model: DURAPLAS with Feet

    Size: Width 35.43″ X  Length 47.24″ x Height 6.30″ (90 cm x 120cm x 16cm)

    Weight: 38.90 lbs. (17.64 kg)

    Color: Gray

    DURAPLAS Egg Transport Divider

    DURAPLAS Divider

    The DURAPLAS Egg Transport Divider is designed for light weight and extra strength. The divider is engineered to redistribute weight to the frame of the load bearing transport system and away from the eggs, allowing users to stack up to five dividers / 12,960 eggs per pallet.

    Model: DURAPLAS Divider

    Size: Width 35.43″ X  Length 47.24″ (90 cm x 120cm)

    Weight: 8.90 lbs. (4.04 kg)

    Color: Gray

    DURAPLAS 30-Cell Egg Trays

    DURAPLAS 30-Cell Egg Trays

    Each DURAPLAS 30-Cell Egg Tray is designed to stack and interlock with adjoining trays to carry up to 180 per stack. Light weight and durable, each tray is designed with an egg cell that isolates and protects its cargo from contact with other eggs. When not in use, egg trays nest within each other to save space in storage. DURAPLAS egg Trays are treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection.

    Model: DURAPLAS Egg Tray

    Size: 11.81″ X  11.81″ (30cm x 30cm)

    Weight: .30 lbs. (.14 kg)

    Capacity: 30 eggs/tray, 6 trays/stack

    Colors: Gray. Custom colors available on qualifying orders.

    DURAPLAS Interchangeable Pallet Components

    DURAPLAS Interchangeable Pallet Components

    Convert DURAPLAS Non-Rackable Pallets to Rackable versions (or vice versa). If you want extra security for your eggs, you can simply replace pallet caps with pallet feet. Pallet components are designed to withstand maximum impact. If damaged in the future they can be easily replaced, instead of purchasing a new pallet.

    Colors: Black (Custom colors available on qualifying orders)

    DURAPLAS Models

    ModelSize (W x L x H)Weight
    DURAPLAS with Feet35.43″ x 47.24″ x 6.30″90 x 120 x 16 cm38.90 lbs.17.64 kg
    DURAPLAS with Caps35.43″ x 47.24″ x 6.30″90 x 120 x 16 cm30.58 lbs.13.87 kg

    DURAPLAS Divider

    ModelSize (W x L)Weight
    DURAPLAS Divider35.43″ x 47.24″90 x 120 cm8.90 lbs.4.04 kg

    DURAPLAS 30-Cell Egg Tray

    ModelSize (W x L)WeightCapacity
    DURAPLAS Egg Tray11.81″ x 11.81″30 x 30 cm.30 lbs..14 kg30 eggs/tray;
    6 trays/stack

    8,640 EGGS

    30 Cell Egg Trays: 288

    Dividers: 3

    Pallets: 1

    Pallet Height: 56.25″ (142.875 cm)

    10,800 EGGS

    30 Cell Egg Trays: 360

    Dividers: 4

    Pallets: 1

    Pallet Height: 69.125″ (175.58 cm)

    12,960 EGGS

    30 Cell Egg Trays: 432

    Dividers: 5

    Pallets: 1

    Pallet Height: 82″ (208.28 cm)

    BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection

    Laboratory tests of Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph and Pneumonia cultures demonstrated a clear difference between untreated samples (A) and those treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection (D), which inhibited the growth of bacteria.

    Escherichia Coli


    Staphylococcus Aureus

    Klebisialla Pneumoniae

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    • Company Information

    • Product Questions

    Q.How high can I stack the egg trays?

    In the standard application, the egg trays are designed to be stacked 6 high.

    Q.What is the largest egg that I can put in your egg tray?

    The DuraPlas 30-Cell Egg Tray is manufactured to hold a Jumbo egg.

    Q.How heavy is the DuraPlas system when it is empty?

    Depending on the egg capacity, the full system weight can range from approximately 150 lbs to approximately 210 lbs. The system with the capacity of 10,800 egg weighs approximately 180 lbs when empty.

    Q.Will your trays interchange with others on the market?

    It is possible for the DuraPlas Dividers and 30-Cell Egg Trays to work in conjunction with some other similar products on the market.

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