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KENNEL-TUFF Kennel Flooring

KENNEL-TUFF is made of high-impact polypropylene plastic, providing superior impact and wear resistance. It will not rust, rot, or corrode. Its non-porous surface features square openings .875″ x .875″ or 1.1″ x 1.1″ , providing a clean, comfortable floor that keeps animals healthy and happy. The smooth surface reduces pad problems and inhibits the growth of bacteria. KENNEL-TUFF is designed to withstand high-pressure washing and disinfectants. Independent test show that KENNEL-TUFF can withstand 630 lbs of pressure before the screw heads failed. The flooring did not crack. 

Most plastic kennel floors are manufactured outside the United States. Southwest Agri-Pastics manufactures in Dallas, TX and has over five decades of experience in manufacturing plastic products for the agricultural industry. We manufacture the best quality products at the best price.



  •  Constructed from High Grade Plastic Material
  • Reinforced Stress Points
  • Superior Impact & Wear Resistance
  • UV Protection


  • Increased Airflow
  • Better Waste Discharge
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Maintains Clean Environment


  • Rot / Rust / Corrosion Proof
  • Non-Porous / Moisture Resistant
  • Light Weight / Rigid Designs
  • No Rough Edges, Splinters
  • Cost Effective
Manufacturer recommends storing product away from exposure to the sun, as its U.V. rays and other general weather conditions will diminish the life of the product. Exposure to outside weather elements voids all warranties. *Not to be used in elevated surfaces exceeding its intended purpose.
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