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DURA-BENCH Greenhouse Bench Tops

Plastic Greenhouse Bench Tops

DURA-BENCH ULTRA just got even better. Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to announce our new 36”x48” bench top. Every bit as strong as our 24”x48” panel, the new 36″ panel gives you the flexibility to build greenhouse benches the sizes that work best for you. Combine 24” and 36” panels to make 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ benches, or cut panels down for custom sizes.

DURA-BENCH Plastic Greenhouse Bench Top is a smoother and longer lasting growing surface for your plants. Designed to replace traditional wood, wire, and expanded metal bench top, DURA-BENCH panels are made from durable, non-porous polypropylene plastic. The DURA-BENCH Plastic Greenhouse Bench Top eliminates problems like corrosion, rust, and sharp edges typically seen from expanded metal or wire tops. The panels will not crack, rot, or splinter like traditional wood products. In addition, the smooth panel allows trays, flats, and pots to slide across the surface with ease. DURA-BENCH Plastic Greenhouse Bench Top products are available in many different sizes and styles to fit your specific need.


  • Constructed from High Grade Plastic Material
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Reinforced Stress Points
  • Superior Impact & Wear Resistance


  • Attached to Wood or Metal Frames
  • Increased Airflow
  • Easier Cleaning
  • UV Protection
  • Cost Effective
  • Rot / Rust / Corrosion Proof
  • Non-Porous / Moisture Resistant
  • Light Weight / Rigid Designs
  • No Rough Edges, Splinters

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