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Below is a list of general Frequently Asked Questions. For product specific questions, please visit specific product pages.


Q. Do you only sell to large companies?

A. It is possible for an individual to purchase from Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc., but quantities minimums may apply. Purchasing through a distributor may be the best option. Contact us for more info or to locate a distributor near you.

Q. How are the products typically shipped?

A. The shipment method of the products depends on the size of the order. We can ship small package/parcel, Less Than Truckload, Full Truckload, Air Freight and Ocean.

Q. Can I arrange my own freight?

A. Yes. Please notify us in advance to ensure your product is ready and we can supply you with the weights and dimensions.

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

A. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and bank wire transfers.

Q. What terms are available?

A. Our standard terms for an open account in good standing is 1/2% 10 net 30 days. We also offer “cash in advance” terms.

Q. Can the plastic products manufactured by Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. be recycled?

A. Yes, a majority of the products that we manufacture are prime candidates for recycling. Please e-mail us or phone 1-(800) 288-9748 if you would like more information on recycling our products. You may also reference these helpful resources:

The American Plastics Council - Information on plastics and sustainability.

Earth 911 - Find recycling locations.



Q. What is the advantage of using Plastic flooring instead of using wood?

A. It has been proven to that eggs laid on square openings, regardless of surface area – like the DURA-SLAT, were significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats. Eggs laid on plastic had significantly less surface microorganisms than those laid on wood slats. The primary source of contamination of hatching eggs is contact with dirty sources. Our non-porous smooth surface and 1.1″ x 1.1″ openings can cut cleaning time in half compared to wood slats. The larger openings also allow the birds to continually work the manure though the openings to maintain a clean environment. DURA-SLAT reduces foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will easily outlast wood slats.

Q. What is the difference between overlapping and non-overlapping flooring?

A. The 2’ x 4’ Overlapping floor interlocks along the 4’ sides as well as has an overlap connection on the 2’ ends allowing for the use of just one support where this style panel meets end to end. The 2’ x 4’ Non-Overlapping flooring just interlocks along the 4’ sides and is flush or “flat” along the 2’ end. This style is ideal for designing a flooring section that is 4’ wide.

Q. What is the height of the flooring?

A. Depending on the style of poultry flooring, the heights or thicknesses range from .5” – 1.125”

Q. Can you cut Dura-Slat into smaller pieces and still use them together?

A. Dura-Slat panels can be cut with any tool that can cut wood and depending on the style and the size of the cut piece can still be used.

Q. Can the flooring handle the weight of humans?

A. The poultry flooring, when properly supported, can support the weight of the average person.


Q. What colors Do the Ramps Come In?

A. Our standard color on the ramp is red. A customer color may be possible, but it would require a qualifying quantity.

Q. What nest will your ramp fit on?

A. Our ramp is designed to work with several different brands of nest. We have two options for attachment hooks for maximum compatibility.


Q. What Are the Color Options on The Nest Pad?

A. We typically keep stock on the gray parts, but we make brown as well.

Q. What sizes do your nest pads come in?

A. Our nest pad is 11-13/16” x 12-3/4”.

Q. Can the Dura-Pad be cut down?

A. Our nest pad can be cut to fit into some smaller nests.


Q. What material is used to make your chick boxes?

A. Dura-Box is made out of a high-impact virgin polyethylene plastic. This give us superior impact and wear resistance compared to other products in the market.

Q. Will your chick boxes work with the ones that I already have?

A. Our chick boxes are designed to be compatible with some other boxes on the market.

Q. How long does the Bio-Pruf last in the chick box?

A. The Bio-Pruf Anti-Microbial Protection is added to the material during manufacturing and should last for the life of the product.


Q. Will your egg flats fit in my buggies and racks?

A. Our flats are designed to work with Jamesway and Chickmaster compatible equipment.

Q. Can I order different colors of the egg flats?

A. Our standard color for the flats is our natural/white color, but custom colors would be possible for qualifying quantities.


Q. Will your hatch trays stack with my current ones?

A. Our trays are designed to be compatible with the Jamesway and Chickmaster hatching trays.

Q. How long does the Bio-Pruf last in the hatch tray?

A. The Bio-Pruf Anti-Microbial Protection is added to the material during manufacturing and should last for the life of the product.


Q. Are there color options for the Dura-Gro feeders?

A. Our standard colors are gray and red for the oval feeder, and red for both versions of the round feeder. Custom colors are possible for qualifying quantities.

Q. Can your feeder be modified for storage purposes?

A. Modification of the feeder can void the manufacturer warranty.

Q. Will other feeders fit on your storage system?

A. Yes, the Dura-Gro storage system with support the storage of other similar feeders.


Q. Does the swine flooring system require support beams or is it placed directly on the floor?

A. The Dura-Tuff swine flooring is designed to be installed on a fiberglass or steel rail that is .25” thick at the top where the flooring panels connect to the rail.

Q. Can the swine flooring be cut into smaller pieces?

A. Yes, the Dura-Tuff swine flooring can be cut with any tool that can cut wood.

Q. What is the advantage of using Plastic flooring instead of using Wire or Steel flooring?

A. Plastic is inherently warmer than steel, thus there is less heat loss in extremely young animals. This leads to improved growth in the very early months of life. University studies show that pigs on DURA-TUFF plastic floor had a 19% better feed:gain ratio than pigs on wire/steel flooring. Wire/steel will corrode or rust in usually less than 10 years, however plastic flooring can last 2-3 times as long.

Q. How durable is DURA-TUFF flooring?

A. Simply put, DURA-TUFF swine flooring is the most durable flooring we have tested. We had an independent lab perform a standard abrasion test on DURA-TUFF to confirm these claims. The results of a pressure test revealed that DURA-TUFF could withstand the force of 2,000 pounds per square inch before showing a stress fracture. This test proves that DURA-TUFF can easily handle normal weight loads in day to day use.

Q. What size beams does the swine flooring require?

A. The height of the beam will depend on the span (length of the gap that the beam is bridging). We offer 3”, 4”, and 5” tall beams and can span up to 10’ with the 5” beam on 18” centers

Q. Does DURA-TUFF swine flooring come with a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a five year warranty. Please e-mail or call 1-(800) 288-9748 for details.

Q. Are your fiberglass beams compatible with all flooring?

A. Our fiberglass beams are designed to work with flooring that has a channel that accepts .25” beam. The warranty would not cover our beams used with a different brand of flooring.

Q. What are the advantages of fiberglass supports as opposed to steel?

A. Fiberglass supports do not rust or corrode and are about the same price as galvanized steel supports.

Q. Is there a plastic floor for sows?

A. Yes, we do have a plastic sow floor. DURA-TUFF plastic sow floor is designed to interlock with our creep area floor to provide a farrowing floor to meet the requirements of both the sow and litter.


Q. What size pots can I put on the bench tops?

A. This really depends on the style used and the distance between the supports. Some of our panels, when properly supported, can easily support the weight of the average person.

Q. Can the bench panels be cut?

A. The Dura-Bench Plastics Greenhouse Bench Tops can be cut with any tools that can cut wood.

Q. What screws do I need to use?

A. We recommend a #10 x 2” long screw. Stainless screws are recommended due to the harsh environments seen in many of the applications.

Q. What chemicals can I use the clean the panels?

A. The Dura-Bench panels can be cleaned with any chemical typically used for this application.

Q. Are the bench clips required?

A. We do recommend using the Dura-Bench Ultra clips with the Dura-Bench Ultra in every place that the two clip receivers meet.


Q. How big do the dogs feet need to be to walk on the floor?

A. This can depend in every case, but majority of our kennel floor panels are designed for large breed dogs. The flooring with the 1.1” holes is not recommend for puppies.

Q. Can the flooring be cut to fit my kennel?

A. The Kennel Tuff panels can be cut with any tool that can cut wood.

Q. How do I locate a distributor?

A. Please call 1-(800) 288-9748 or email to talk to a representative about locating a distributor near you.


Q. How high can I stack the egg trays?

A. In the standard application, the egg trays are designed to be stacked 6 high.

Q. What is the largest egg that I can put in your egg tray?

A. The DuraPlas 30-Cell Egg Tray is manufactured to hold a Jumbo egg.

Q. How heavy is the DuraPlas system when it is empty?

A. Depending on the egg capacity, the full system weight can range from approximately 150 lbs to approximately 210 lbs. The system with the capacity of 10,800 egg weighs approximately 180 lbs when empty.

Q. Will your trays interchange with others on the market?

A. It is possible for the DuraPlas Dividers and 30-Cell Egg Trays to work in conjunction with some other similar products on the market.


Q. How long will MINI-PALLETS last?

A. This is comparable to asking how long your tires will last; under normal use you will get a certain estimated mileage. MINI-PALLETS are about the same. There are pallets cycling through the distribution chain over and over for many years. Then again, we see pallets crushed by forklifts or misused in some way that decreases its life span.

Q. Can Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. supply spare parts for Hand Trucks?

A. We no longer warehouse spare parts for hand trucks. If you will e-mail or call 1-(800) 288-9748, we will try and refer you to a company that can supply these parts.


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