Q. What type of payment can Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. accept?

A. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money orders and bank wire transfers.

Q. What terms are available?

A. Our standard terms for an open account in good standing is 1/2% 10 net 30 days. We also offer “cash in advance” and “cash on delivery” terms.

Q. Can the plastic products manufactured by Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. be recycled?

A. Yes, a majority of the products we manufacture are prime candidates for recycling. Please e-mail us or phone 1-800-288-9748 for more information on this subject, including a phone number for an agency that can find a recycler in your area.


Q. Can a specific size or shape of DURA-TUB be manufactured?

A. Yes, there are a variety of sizes and shapes we can manufacture in house however, as with most injection molded products, the mold can be extremely expensive. If you have an application that simply does not work with any of the containers currently in our line, we will be glad to discuss your needs. We have done this several times in the past with great success.

Q. What material is used to manufacture DURA-TUB?

A. DURA-TUB supplement tubs contain prime, virgin, FDA approved, high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Q. Will Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. sell in less than truckload quantities?

A. Yes. With our program we prepay freight to a certain limit on truckload amounts. We will sell less than truckload amounts; however, we do not pay freight on less than truckload orders.


Q. Does DURA-TUFF swine flooring come with a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a five year warranty. Please e-mail, call 1-800-288-9748 or fax us at (972) 735-8896 for details.

Q. What material is used to manufacture DURA-TUFF Swine Flooring?

A. DURA-TUFF contains virgin, high impact polypropylene. The material we use makes DURA-TUFF incredibly durable, especially when it comes to impact strength and wear resistance.

Q. Is there a plastic floor for sows?

A. Yes, we do have a plastic sow floor. DURA-TUFF plastic sow floor is designed to interlock with our creep area floor to provide a farrowing floor to meet the requirements of both the sow and liter.

Q. What is the advantage of using Plastic flooring instead of using Wire or Steel flooring?

A. Plastic is inherently warmer than steel, thus there is less heat loss in extremely young animals. This leads to improved growth in the very early months of life. University studies show that pigs on DURA-TUFF plastic floor had a 19% better feed:gain ratio than pigs on wire/steel flooring. Wire/steel will corrode or rust in usually less than 10 years, however plastic flooring can last 2-3 times as long.

Q. How durable is DURA-TUFF flooring?

A. Simply put, DURA-TUFF swine flooring is the most durable flooring we have tested. We had an independent lab perform a standard abrasion test on DURA-TUFF to confirm these claims. Call for detailed results.

Q. How about impact strength?

A. The results of a pressure test revealed that DURA-TUFF could withstand the force of 2,000 pounds per square inch before showing a stress fracture. This test proves that DURA-TUFF can easily handle normal weight loads in day to day use.

Q. What are the advantages of fiberglass supports as opposed to steel?

A. Fiberglass supports do not rust or corrode and are about the same price as galvanized steel supports.


Q. What material is used to manufacture DURA-SLAT Plastic Poultry Flooring?

A. DURA-SLAT contains virgin, high impact polypropylene. The material we use makes DURA-SLAT incredibly durable, especially when it comes to impact strength and wear resistance.

Q. What is the advantage of using Plastic flooring instead of using wood?

A. It has been proven to that eggs laid on square openings, regardless of surface area – like the DURA-SLAT, were significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats. Eggs laid on plastic had significantly less surface microorganisms than those laid on wood slats. The primary source of contamination of hatching eggs is contact with dirty sources. Our non-porous smooth surface and 1.1″ x 1.1″ openings can cut cleaning time in half compared to wood slats. The larger openings also allow the birds to continually work the manure though the openings to maintain a clean environment. DURA-SLAT reduces foot pad problems, leg problems, and breast blisters experienced with wood slats. It will easily outlast wood slats.


Q. What material is used to make your hatch trays, egg flats, & chick boxes?

A. DURA-TRAY & DURA-BOX is made out of a high-impact virgin polyethylene plastic. Our DURA-FLAT is made out of high-impact virgin polypropylene plastic. Both materials give us superior impact and wear resistance compared to other products in the market.

Q. What is the advantage of using your plastic hatchery products?

A. Our DURA-TRAY hatch trays have a 15% larger opening for better ventilation and cleanability. We have reinforced are the areas that typically break and our tray is virtually indestructible. We have ran over it with a truck and it does not break. Our DURA-FLAT egg flats are very durable and have cup design is superior to others on the market. We also reduce the post size to accommodate larger eggs. Our DURA-BOX chick boxes have larger openings on the sides and an added opening in the corners to provide better ventilation. We have also added plastic in the critical areas to prevent breakage.

Q. What is Bio-Pruf anti-microbial protection?

A. Our hatchery products are specially treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria including salmonella, e.Coli, staph and pneumonia. Bio-Pruf is an anti-microbial additive that is injected during the molding process and it will last the life of the product. Even though products contain anti-microbial additive, they must still be subjected to standard sanitization methods.


Q. Can MINI-PALLETS be manufactured to any size?

A. Although we can make other size MINI-PALLETS, injection molds are quite expensive. We would have to depend on substantial volumes in order to justify the cost of building a new mold.

Q. Can Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. supply spare parts for Hand Trucks?

A. Although we do not warehouse spare parts for hand trucks if you will e-mail us or phone 1-800-288-9748, we can refer you to a company that can supply any part you need.

Q. Can MINI-PALLETS be any color?

A. Yes. We can make MINI-PALLETS almost any color, however color concentrate does add cost. If we use a color we normally stock for other products it is less expensive. We also require minimum orders of 4,800 units of one size and style of Mini-Pallet for special color runs.

Q. Can you private label MINI-PALLETS?

A. Yes. We can private label MINI-PALLETS for customers. Due to the limits of metal engraving we are forced to stay as simple as possible for the label design. There is also a minimum order of 4,800 units of a particular size and style for private labeling of pallets. We also require two weeks lead time for private label runs. There is no additional costs for a private label.

Q. How long will MINI-PALLETS last?

A. This is comparable to asking how long will your tires last; under normal use you will get a certain estimated mileage. MINI-PALLETS are about the same. There are pallets cycling through the distribution chain over and over for many years. Then again, we see pallets crushed by forklifts or misused in some way that decreases its life span.

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