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Pro Tips: Move More Eggs Safely with the Egg Transport System

Pro Tips: Move More Eggs Safely with the Egg Transport System

The new Egg Transport System by Southwest Agri-Plastics is the ultimate way to move your eggs safely. Jake Whitfill, Poultry Product Specialist at SWAP, Inc., is back in our latest Pro Tips video with a fast and informative guide to our ETS.

In today’s video, Jake discusses:

  • The 4 essential components of Egg Transport System
  • The innovative design features which make the ETS more reliable and easier to clean
  • Color, shipping and ordering options

We keep stock on hand and can ship most orders in the US in 2-3 days. Custom colors are available on egg trays and replaceable feet for qualifying orders.

For orders and complete specs, visit Egg Transport System.

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SWAP, Inc – Pro Tips: Hatchery Flats, Trays & Boxes

Pro Tips: Hatchery Flats, Trays & Boxes

For the safest chicks and eggs possible, it all comes down to the details.

Jake Whitfill with SWAP, Inc. is back in our latest Pro Tips video. Today we’re running down our full line of Hatchery products and highlighting the unique features in our designs that make our products the best on the market. Key elements he’ll discuss:

  • Our proprietary ultra-durable plastic.
  • The antibacterial agent we use in select hatchery products.
  • Structural factors in our designs that improve performance.

He also shares storage and cleaning advice for all SWAP hatchery products to maximize the life and performance of your egg flats, egg trays, and chick boxes. 

Have a question about running a safer, more efficient hatchery? Our #PoultryExperts are here for you. Contact us with your questions, and we’ll get you an answer as soon as possible. You might even find your question on a future Pro Tips video.

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SWAP, Inc. – Pro Tips: Nursery & Creep Floors


In our latest SWAPINC PRO TIPS video, Chris Hiser, Swine Product Expert, is back to discuss SWAP’s plastic nursery & creep floors.

Chris goes over the different sizes of DURA-TUFF floors that SWAP offers. He also explains the benefits that come with the advanced material and durable structure that makes DURA-TUFF floors special.

If you have any questions about DURA-TUFF or our other fantastic agri-plastic products, please contact us today!

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SWAP, Inc. – Pro Tips: Sow Floor Options


Chris Hiser, SWAP, Inc. Swine Product Expert, is here to go over all of SWAP’s sow floor options.

Chris will walk you through all the cast and plastic floor varieties. He will also show you the differences between the flat and raised options and the different connection types, such as interlocking and overlapping.

If you have any questions, please contact SWAP, Inc. today! We would be happy to answer them for you!

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SWAP, Inc. – Pro Tips – Plastic vs. Wood Poultry Slats

SWAP PRO TIPS – Plastic vs. Wood Poultry Slats

Jake Whitfill, SWAP, Inc. Poultry Product Expert, is here to walk you through the difference between traditional wood poultry slats and the vastly superior plastic DURA-SLAT that Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. offers!

From its longevity, moisture resistance, safety, and portability; plastic is the way to go!

Be sure you stay until the end of the video, so you can take a look at DURA-SLATs in action!

If you still are not convinced or have some more questions, please, contact us today!