About Us


For over 50 years, Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc. has been developing new and innovative plastic solutions that offer alternatives to wood, wire, and metal. Our products are used in various industries such as agriculture, shipping, horticulture, warehousing, and the energy sector. Within the agriculture industry alone we make products that service various segments such as livestock, swine, poultry, egg, and feed. “All of the products have one thing in common; we make it easier for our customers to do business”, says Victor “Beaude” Sahm III, President of Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc.

The products we manufacture are used in many areas of your everyday life. Our hatchery products and DURA-SLAT poultry flooring help produce the chickens we eat. Our TUFF-STAND product is used to construct pipelines that power the world and your vehicle. Southwest Agri-Plastics products touch our lives from the dinner table to the gas pump.

We have a subsidiary company in Maxi-Lift that is involved in the transportation and handling of commodities around the world. Our Maxi-Lift products can load a ship of corn on the Amazon River, or move cement to be used in roadway construction.

All of these products are manufactured in our 200,000 square foot headquarters facility in Dallas, Texas. We incorporate state of the art injection molding equipment, economies of scale, 50 plus years of experience, and a deep understanding of plastics to create value for our customers.


The culture at Southwest Agri-Plastics is centered around listening to both the market and the customer. A key value that we hold close is what we call our “Obsession with our Customer”. For over 50 years this obsession for the customer, and the innovation from our team has led to countless products that had positive impacts in various industries. An example of this would be in the poultry breeder segment. This industry had historically utilized wooden slats to elevate the birds off the ground. Wood is hard to clean and ultimately can hold salmonella which can have negative impacts on humans and birds. Additionally, wood can rot over time adding cost to the production system and create a safety concern for workers and animals. Our DURA-SLAT line was a revolutionary product that changed the way breeder hens are raised, and ultimately led to increased safety for the animals and consumers. This is just one of the countless examples where we obsessed with the customer, listened to the market, and created an innovative solution that changed an industry.

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All products that Southwest-Agri Plastics manufactures can be recycled. Oftentimes the products we manufacture are a direct substitute for wood, and last much longer. This combination of longevity and recyclability make our products a good choice against wood.


Southwest Agri-Plastics is committed to giving back to our community and areas of business. The spirit of giving is strong at Southwest Agri-Plastics. Whether it is working alongside academic institutions to provide needed equipment or supporting various organizations thru the giving of money and time of our employees.